The One and the Other

The One and the Other is a five volume series I am currently working on. It’s set in a fantasy world in the country of Loreiak.

“Monoria Fledyia wants to be told that the reason she hears a voice in her head, whom she calls her ‘ghost’, is because she’s crazy. When she’s checked into a mental institution though, a government official, Eshrusk Lamcalay, tells her that she isn’t crazy but is infected with an evil parasite, one of the few remnants of mysticism that the government has worked to eradicate. She agrees to let him heal her of the parasite, but as she befriends other patients, she learns that not all the patients are insane nor are the treatments meant to heal them. The more Monoria discovers, the more she wonders: is Eshrusk hiding things from her and is her ‘ghost’ as evil as she thought?”

It has a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of sci-fi, and a little bit of dystopian in it, but at its heart it’s a romantic gothic story (romantic in the literary sense). There’s fair maidens, dangerous but misunderstood beasts, themes of justice and mercy and the good and evil of man.

Each volume is made up of ten episodes like a TV show, and while Monoria is the protagonist, it follows a whole group of characters. Poetry also plays a big role in the narrative.

I plan on self-publishing it. The title and publication date of the first volume is to be determined.