A Damsel in Distress – A Friday Short Story

A Damsel in Distress – A Friday Short Story

I’m beginning a new tradition this new year of posting a short story every Friday. Most of them will have been inspired by the writing prompts I and my friends do when we meet for our creative writing club. We start every meeting by writing for 10 minutes on a prompt from the Internet. Some of these stories I’m only going to edit a little bit before posting while others I’ll write more to them if I feel like I didn’t get the whole story down in those 10 minutes.

This story is one of the few times I managed to finish it in the 10 minutes. I went back and edited some sentences, but for the most part it’s unchanged.

The prompt was to write a knight saving a damsel in distress but with a twist. What the twist was was included in the prompt but I won’t tell you here so it can still surprise you.

Here’s the story. Enjoy! I had a lot of fun writing this one.


While riding through the forest, a knight heard a sweet feminine voice scream for help. “Don’t worry, dear maiden. I’m coming to save you,” he yelled back as he urged his horse onward.

His armor was without blemish—as he also hoped the maiden’s reputation would be—and the sun bouncing off of its sheen was blinding. He had polished it for two hours that very morning. He hadn’t even let his serf do it because no one other than him ever did it right.

When he charged into the clearing where the maiden was, he jumped off his horse and rolled on the ground to his feet in a delicate move he had practiced for many fortnights. He drew his sword and looked around.

The maiden, a beauty with long blonde hair and fair skin, fought against a huge insect-like monster sitting on top of her. The knight ran into the insect, pushing it off. He chopped off one side of its jaws and stabbed the its chest. When he pulled his sword out, it was covered in dark sticky blood and mucous. It would take hours to clean that night, and he hoped he’d be preoccupied with something else that evening.

He turned towards the maiden. She looked like a goddess in a simple white dress, torn in places and exposing her skin.

“My dear maiden, are you all right?” He scooped her in his arms.

“Thank you so much. I would have died without you.” She pressed a hand to her temple. “Put me down. I fear I might swoon.”

He set her back down, confused as to why she didn’t want to be immediately carried away into the sunset—probably because the sunset was still several hours away and she wanted to wait for prime romantic lighting.

“What are you doing here? All alone?” he asked.

“Oh, the usual.” She shrugged.

“The usual?”

“Yeah. I like to stroll here looking for trouble because I know knights are always stalking these forest for fresh maidens to save,” she said.

The knight wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Did I mention that I hate knights? They’re way too pricy. They save you and then ask for your heart and maidenhead in return. And they’re not even that great of a deal.”

The knight stepped back, offended. “I just saved your life and this is how you’re going to repay me.”

“No. This is how I’m going to repay you.” She snapped, and the insect-beast, restored to life, bit off his head. “Good boy.” The maiden rubbed the beast’s snout as it chewed.


I hope you enjoyed it! Any comments, critiques, or prompt ideas are welcome in the comments section.