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Hello! I am Mary K. Gowdy. I write poetry and speculative fiction.

Currently, I’m editing my first novel which is the first in a five-volume series called The One and the Other. It has a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of sci-fi, and a little bit of dystopian in it, but at its heart it’s a romantic gothic story (romantic in the literary sense). There’s fair maidens, dangerous but misunderstood beasts, themes of justice and mercy and the good and evil of man.

I plan on self-publishing it. The title and publication date of the first volume is to be determined.

As for my poetry, I’m currently submitting to literary magazines, so I’m not able to publish all of my poems on this site for you to read. My poems have been published in my high school’s literary magazine Earthwinds and by the online literary magazine Better Than Starbucks.